We Restore your Junk

Restore Studio : Restoration is one unique Service we bring to you. Where in you bring to us your old junk.

Be it Old TV, Old Car, Scooter, bicycle, Furniture, Utensils , Computers, Laptop, be it anything which is occupying your precious space in your wardrobe, Home, Backyard or anywhere else.We add our creativity into it combined with your imagination and convert into Master pieces.

How we Do it

We develop Master pieces out of scratch with absolute perfection.

Creative Design
Creativity has no boundaries, We have a team of crazy people who just think out of the box "ALWAYS".

Every Master piece to become a perfection requires detailed planning so that minute details can be looked into.
Effective Strategies
Before taking any project into hand we devise a proper strategies based on each project.

Latest Works

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Wow , what an amazing service and support, I got my Junk Collected from my door step in just a click and got the good value of my trash
4 days ago

I had an Old TV , These guys just changed that into a master piece
5 days ago

Come join us for ultimate adventure of creativity
6 days ago